Original Pilipino Music (OPM) Vol. 2 - complete videos


About three years ago, Albert Sison sent me a copy of Maestro Jose Valdez's new book titled OPM Vol. 2. While this is not the first publication of MJV that I own, it contains very interesting and familiar pieces/songs that my generation grew up with. However, in my opinion, this is the most challenging set of arrangements to play among my collection. Today I am proud to "close the book" (pun intended) on this publication and share the fruits of my labor with other guitar enthusiasts who may want to achieve the same goal. My caveat to those who intend to watch these renditions is that they are not perfect and are certainly not the definitive performances that guitarists should emulate. If anything, these will provide students with an idea on how the arrangements sound when played. They can then form their own interpretations which hopefully exceed my own. Perhaps one day, I will re-render some of the pieces that I felt were either rushed or fraught with errors. For now, it's a relief to finally conquer this particular challenge and move on to the next ones.


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